Scooby Doo Dog Collar Tag Pet ID Mystery Pup SD Dog Tag

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Scooby Doo Dog Collar Tag Pet ID Mystery Pup SD Dog Tag

Scooby Doo Dog Collar Tag Details:

Type Collar Charm
Material Plastic
Brand Handmade
Size 2 inches (50mm)
Wide 1/8 (3mm)
Ring Size 1 inch (25mm)

About This Item:

  • Let’s be honest. Some instances are simply too challenging to solve without your dependable animal companion. The perpetrator and delectable goodies can be found by your pet faster than you can say “zoinks!” You’ll need to make it official with this vintage Mystery Pup SD tag for that reason. A simple clip-on tag that transforms your pet into everyone’s preferred dog at solving mysteries.
  • The metal tag tag is 1/8″ (3mm) thick and roughly 2 inches (50mm) broad. The ring has a diameter of 1 inch (25mm).comes with a keychain that makes it simple to clip on and quick to use. Ideal for your four-legged friends, such as dogs, cats, and, I suppose, a pig or something. All puppies, dogs, cats, and kittens can fit in this size. Scooby Doo Dog Collar Tag
  • Nothing is more adorable than a pet dressed up. But does Sparky really want to put on a goofy headgear or a hot dog suit? They probably won’t like that. This pet tag gives off a timeless, classic design that both children and adults can readily recognize without bothering your pet. makes for a fantastic idea for a team mystery costume.
  • Why You Will Enjoy It???>> Fans of mystery series and Saturday morning cartoons will love this pet costume item. This makes a fantastic group costume, and you could even solve a mystery like ‘who ate the last chocolate bar?’ as well as “who pooped in the house/who forgot to let the dog out this morning?”

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