3.5mm Female to 2x RCA Male Socket Stereo Audio PC TV Aux Jack Female to Male Socket



3.5mm Female to 2x RCA Male Socket Stereo Audio PC TV Aux Jack Female to Male Socket

3.5mm Female to 2x RCA Male Details:

Type Coaxial Cables
Cable Length 14 cm
Cord Color Black
Plug variety Red and white
Connector A 3.5 mm Jack Female
Connector B RCA/Phono Male
Viable Brand Universal
Orientation Orientation Female-male
Application Multimedia
Wire particular Twofold equal copper wire determination (10/0.1+10/0.1) * 2F
Wire external covering PVC climate agreeable material

3.5mm Female to 2x RCA Male Feature:

  • ✨Concentrated fiber lens technology, which makes the beam highly focused, greatly reduces the beam’s reflection on the inner wall, fully ensures the transmission of the optical signal without any loss, improves the clarity and transparency of the sound, restores the sound quality, and maintains the integrity of the signal.
  • ✨Pop-up plugs are highly handy, can successfully transfer enormous amounts of data, and properly align the optical signal.
  • ✨A very easy-to-plug super-heavy-duty connector is located near the fiber interface.
  • ✨Performance of high-fidelity, low-loss, high-speed broadband transmission
  • ✨Long lifespan, excellent for accentuating dark lines
  • ✨The body is flexible and supple.


  • ✨The fiber optic connectors (OPT OUT, OPT IN) for each device should be inserted after removing the dust covers from both ends of the fiber optic cable plug.
  • ✨To prevent harming the fiber core, never bend the fiber optic cable at an angle of less than 50 degrees.
  • ✨Before using, take off the fiber plug’s dust cover and keep it tidy.
  • ✨There is directionality in the fiber plug. Prior to plugging in the interface while using it, confirm that the plug and interface are positioned similarly.

Item Included:

  • 1*Audio cable

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