Sony Play Station Controller Dual charging station

Playstation Controllers Details:

  • Cable Length:                                 About1.64 ft/50 cm/19.68 inch
  • Input Voltage:                                DC 5V 1000MA
  • Labor Voltage:                               DC 500MA for each control charge groove
  • LED Indicator:                              Red-Charging; Blue- Exhaustively Charged
  • Erected-in Protector Chip:         Never overcharged your PS4 controls yea charge it for the night


SONY PlayStation PS4 Controller Charger, 4 Dual Controller USB Fast Charging Station & LED Indicator For Sony PlayStation 4/PS4/PS4 Pro

Play Station Controller Details:

Cable Length: About1.64 ft/50 cm/19.68 inch
Input Voltage: DC 5V 1000MA
Labour Voltage: DC 500MA for each control charge groove
LED Indicator: Red-Charging; Blue- Exhaustively Charged
Erected-in Protector Chip: Never overcharged your PS4 controls yea charge it for the night
Exhaustively Charge Time: A full charge can be completed within 2.5 hours when charging one control. Full charge to two controls together within 3 hours.

Installation Process:

  • Hold the stage to rivet on the base to finish the installation.
  • Put the PS4 regulator’s hole to rivet on the charge leg.
  • Hold the base and the regulator, downward pitching insertion.
  • Ready for charging your regulator

About This Item:

  • PS4 Charger 2 Regulators-Allows you to store and charge two regulators safely at the same time. The joysticks can be deposited on the base.
  • Fast Charge And Coffer-Two PS4 wireless regulators are completely charged at the same time within 4 hours, the full charge can be compensated with 2 hours when charging a single regulator.
  • Intelligent LED Indicator-After connecting the charging station ps4, the station index lights up in blue light, once the PS4 regulator is connected, the joystick index lights red, and when the regulator is completely charged, the red light turns blue.
  • Compact and Detachable Design-The divisible rubber base is rugged, the bowl holder is featherlight and easy to carry, provides maximum stability, and fast charging and storing your PS4/PS4 Pro/PS4 Slim regulators when you don’t play them not.
  • This ps4 regulator support is also a gift for players who have PlayStation 4/ Ps4 Pro/ Ps4 Slim press. Play Station Controller


  • Charging Base.
  • Charging Bracket.
  • USB Charging Cable (19.68 in/0.5 m)

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