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Car Air Vent Phone Holder

Car Phone Holder Air Vent Car 360 Rotate Mount Mobile Phone Holder Stander


Car Air Vent Phone Holder:

The holder’s cushioned arms grasp your telephone from the sides safely guaranteeing it will not get out causing harm to your telephone. The top and lower parts of the telephone are free so the charger and hands-free can in any case be connected simultaneously.
With its solid grasp cut, the holder connects immovably to your vehicle air vent guaranteeing that it will not fall and will keep your telephone held set up. Viable with iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and all telephones as the arms can reach out to 8.6 CMS.
Pivot to see a telephone in any position.
Solid customizable grasp to keep the telephone from slipping or dropping out.
Connect to vehicle air vent with the solid paw hold.
Ideal for when utilizing telephone as a guide or sat-nave or approaches the go.
Viable with all telephones: iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, and all others under 8.6cms wide. ( up to 6 inches cell phones)

Car Air Vent Phone Holder

The main product sold by PopSockets LLC is that the PopSockets grip. The PopSockets grip is supposed to allow easier handling of the phone. The PopSockets grip also functions as a stand, to prop a phone up while watching the video. PopSockets LLC also sells the PopSockets mount. Which enables one to temporarily mount one’s phone on a surface, sort of a car dashboard or wall. In February 2018, the company started selling the PopSockets vent mount, which clips onto the air vent of a vehicle.
PopSockets LLC also sells PopMinis (miniature PopSockets grips, sold in sets of three). PopWallets (designed to hold up to three credit cards or driver’s licenses), and PopMirrors (phone grips with two mirrors).
Bundle Contains:
1 x Universal Air Vent Mobile Holder
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